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Where do we Stand as we Start 2023?

It’s been a minute with an update from your local Tavern. First off, happy 2023! I know it’s almost February but still it’s good to be in a new year.

I thank you all for your continued patience as we inch closer to wrapping up our construction. In case you haven’t seen on our social media pages (@thetaverncoffee on FB, IG, and TikTok, follow for updates), We are finally getting our storefront glass installed. It’s been a ton of work,

planning, and funding to make it happen so thank you all that helped make it happen. Whether you gave your time, talents, or treasures, this project is a testament to the end of our mission statement, looking to bring the strongest community together here in Buckeye.

The storefront has been our biggest hurdle in this project as COVID and inflation really set us back but we are still very hopeful to open shortly.

Once the storefront is good to go, there are a few smaller projects we need to get done and then we can get our necessary paperwork in to get everything opened.

At this point, I don’t want to put a strict timeframe on it to provide some opportunity for wiggle room but rest assured, we will be opening soon.

I personally can’t wait to open the doors and serve our neighborhood coffee. It’ll be a fun experience to not only provide a safe place for our community but to build the strongest community.

How can you help? Glad you asked! Here are three ways you can help us.

  1. Subscribe! We are going to do regular blog posts and updates through our website. When we open, we are also going to communicate our events and sales through this same feed. Get on the list now so you can stay up to date.

  2. Give to our c

ause. We are looking for people to give to our nonprofit in order to pay our staff a livable wage from the start. Go to the link thetaverncoffee.com/donate to give today.

  1. Serve. We have a few minor projects that could use an extra hand or two. Email me at ken@thetaverncoffee.com to set up a time.

Appreciate you all!

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Jan 23, 2023

Love this!

Great job!

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