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What’s taking so long?

First of all if you continue to follow our journey thank you! We truly appreciate your love, prayers, support, and service to our cause to provide stability in the community and workforce.

We have been at this project for a few years, receiving our tax exempt status 2 years ago. We have been talking about opening soon for a while. What is holding us up and when do we expect to open?

What’s holding us up?

  1. We are doing this project debt free. In order to operate this organization in a sustainable nature, we wanted to avoid going into debt at all. Our building does not have a mortgage and our major renovations have been paid for through donations both financially and in-kind. As we open, we will not have any long term debts, which will help us roll more funding into the community.

  2. COVID and inflation really set us back. Most of our renovation has been through the work of our team here and other work teams looking for a missions project, particularly over the summer. We lost several work teams the last two years because of the pandemic and also saw rising prices which slowed us down (once again, doin this debt free). Many delays occurred simply because of the circumstances we see around us.

  3. Construction professionals delayed their work. Our construction guy (as he calls himself) Bob Willard is very handy with plumbing, electric, HVAC, and many other things. However when it comes to commercial projects and larger scale construction work, he could do it but having a team helps expedite the process. Whatever the reason is (poor management, Covid stacking up projects, etc.) we have had issues with getting construction workers to come in, some delaying their projects for months!

Despite the delays, we are looking forward to opening soon! We are not sitting on our hands doing nothing. I have been working on some of the structures we need in place for the nonprofit side and working on creating a great experience for the community.

When are we opening?

Right now, our goal is before the end of the year or early 2023. We are in the red zone of our project and are looking to hit the end zone soon. The funding is taken care of. We are waiting for the bigger projects and then we will be ready to serve.

What can you do in the meantime?

  1. Pray! Pray that the work gets done before the holidays

  2. Subscribe. We will keep you updated on our social media platforms and email newsletters when we have our grand opening.

  3. Give! We are launching our Tavern Coffee Club where you can support our cause on a monthly basis. Go to our Facebook or instagram (@thetaverncoffee) to donate today!

Appreciate all you do and look forward to serving you coffee soon.

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