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Tavern Origins: The Name

Our name seems pretty odd for a coffee house

Well, it all starts when we acquired the building. As we were looking for a new church space, this old building on the corner of 123rd and Buckeye became available. As we looked up information about it, it was classified as a “neighborhood tavern.”

Years ago, it was a bar right on Buckeye. A place where people would gather to meet and commune, not necessarily ending in the best of circumstances. However, when we took over the building and started renovations on it, we went through a long process of deciding what to name it.

As we have our faith-based roots, a lot of the suggestions were centered around a pun with the book of Hebrews. After thinking it over and talking to the team, we decided to go with The Tavern Coffee House. Before we had a name for it, we always referred to the building as the tavern. So we wanted to keep the name that we would always call it anyway. Also it pays homage to the history of the building for those that remember the building as a bar.

We are inching closer to opening. Help us get opened by giving to coffee for a good cause. Click here to get started.

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