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Tavern Origins: Our Mission Statement

Origins series: Our Mission Statement

“Strong Coffee, Stronger Careers, Strongest Community”

Why is this our mission statement and where did we come up with it? Let’s start with how we came up with it and then talk about each phrase.

Origins of the phrase: This actually started out with one of my assignments in grad school. I had to create a fake nonprofit and come up with a mission and vision statement. As I was working on this assignment, I figured I would use a similar structure for The Tavern itself. So it started there, followed by talking it over with our board and we settled on this mission statement.

So what’s with the mission statement?

Strong Coffee: Strong coffee refers to the quality of coffee we intend to deliver. We want it to be strong in quality. Selling coffee that’s subpar is not what we are about. We are delivering quality coffee because our people are quality.

Stronger Careers: We want to help people in our community figure out their calling. Our intention isn’t to flood the world with more baristas but through coaching and training, we want to help our young people determine where they fit in. Every week, our leadership will be assigned a trainee to work with them in determining their gifts and talents and connect them with the resources they need to succeed.

Strongest Community: We don’t want to just provide jobs but provide a safe place for our community to meet. As we get the operations started, we intend to provide fun activities and events throughout the year including arts and crafts, game nights, trivia nights, etc. We don’t want this to be just another coffee shop but a place where people can meet, host community functions, and build connections.

You love our mission statement? Show your support by purchasing a shirt at our store. A portion of your purchase goes back to us to help fulfill our mission. Click here to make a difference today!

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